NFT | Concept Artist | Illustrator

Game and anime concept artist and illustrator specializing in bringing the Japanese anime aesthetic to your projects.

Currently based in Tokyo, Japan.

Game Art Portfolio

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Has previously created artwork for:

As an NFT Artist...

GreyRadian joined the NFT space in early 2021 as the one of the first anime artists doing NFTS, and pioneered the inclusion of commercial-use licenses in NFTs with her Himé Designs collection.

Since then she has been a contributor to the space being a founder of Anifam; the very first anime artist-focused NFT community that has played a big role in popularising anime-inspired artworks in the NFT space. Also holds a position as a curator on NFT marketplace Makersplace.

Currently working on DenDekaDen with Strata x Toei Animation, serving as the Art Director.



Himé Designs

A high-end collection of unique,  specially handcrafted character designs by GreyRadian. Est March 2021.

NFT Artworks

Other NFT artworks, including collaborations.

General Works

Fanart and personal works.